Bargain Bargain Bargain!!! – Ubud markets

As part of our private cooking class that was organised through KaJaNe Mua, we visited the local fresh food market in central Ubud, which is held every day up until 9am.

I was really excited to visit the local market, at a time when the locals did their shopping (as opposed to after 9am, when the Arts market opens).  With so much colour and activity, it was easy to become excited at all the things we saw.

The Balinese are religious people, with offerings being a big part of daily life.  At home one might make daily offerings in various corners of their home, garden, and temple, however the market had a huge range of stalls where you can order custom made offerings.

However the interest here for me was not necessarily just the food – it was the intricate basketware that was being sold as part of the market.  Of course it was kind of touristy, however seeing as I’m obsessed with hand made things, I couldn’t help but have a peek.

I took advantage of being at the markets and picked up a generous pack of locally grown vanilla beans, a big bag of Balinese salt, some offering baskets, and some finely woven rattan basket bags.  Since I was the first customer for a few of the stalls, they gave me a good price after a healthy bout of bargaining and used the money I gave to bless their stalls for luck.

Always bargain when you’ve decided to buy something, but do it with humour and don’t take it too seriously.  The stall owners will respect you more for it!

Our visit to the market was a great way to start the day.

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