KaJaNe Mua – unwind, relax, rejuvenate

After much research, we decided to stay in KaJaNe Mua while we were in Ubud.

KaJaNe is a wonderful boutique villa complex located on Monkey Forest Road.  With a variety of accommodation styles available, we stayed in the Danu Mansion and also the Beji private villa.

The Danu mansion is set up in small apartment clusters, with 4 apartments sharing a pool.  The rooms were generous and I really liked their bathrooms, which had a timber pathway set amongst river stones.  We ate afternoon tea on the little balcony and had a view of the entire complex – our neighbours were quiet and we felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. It was lovely.  It was quiet and private at night and we could hear the frogs croaking together.

The Beji private villa was luxury at its best – everything you would want at a reasonable price! From the massive bedroom, to the separate lounge room, semi outdoor bathroom (which was slightly strange, but you got used to it), outside sitting area and HUGE private pool.  We lived like royalty while we were there, something I think everyone should experience if they have the opportunity.

Bedroom of the Beji Villa - KaJaNe Mua

Bathroom of Beji Villa - KaJaNe Mua

Private pool of Beji Villa - KaJaNe Mua

But what I enjoyed the most about KaJaNe Mua was the genuine kindness of the staff.  Everyone took the time to get to know us and kindly inquired how we enjoyed our daily activities.  From our chats to various people, we got an insight into regular Balinese life and culture.  We learnt about how families set up their home, marriage and love life, children, cooking, death, and a whole bunch of things that we probably wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.

While staying at KaJaNe, we used their spa service a few times.  Their treatment room is set up in a small antique teak house high up on the property.  I enjoyed this experience very much.  We also took their private cooking class, which I’ll chat about a bit further on.

KaJaNe Mua is centrally located on Monkey Forest Road, so expect traffic and a bit of noise on the road.  However what you also get is easy access to plenty of great cafes and restaurants, and shops galore!  Not only that, if you travel a short distance by walking or bike, you will hit the real Bali – beautiful working rice paddies, farmers that wave hello, and children who are eager to greet visitors.

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