Mozaic Restaurant, Ubud

Since it was Mr Ana’s birthday, I decided to lash out and book a table at Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud.

Mozaic has received several accolades, including being the only restaurant in South East Asia to be selected as one of Les Grandes Tables du Monde.  They serve degustation menus only.  Seeing as food is a BIG part of our lives, I really wanted to see if the restaurant lived up to its reputation.

When we entered the restaurant we went to the lounge area and had a couple of cocktails.  Mr Ana had a strawberry cocktail (how girly!) which was very very nice.  I had a lychee and citrus cocktail which was very strong and I couldn’t taste any lychee flavour.  With our cocktails we received a complementary canape of a parmesan petit chou filled with truffle cream.  YUM.  Enough said.

We then went into the dining area which is set in a garden area.  So pretty and romantic.  Delicate lights strewn over branches surrounding the tables, and a little lamp shade suspended over each table which created an impression of privacy for each table.

We chose the discovery menu which focuses on Indonesian flavours and ingredients and the dishes are prepared in a ‘western manner’.  We also opted to have premium wines matched with our meal (which cost more than the actual food itself, but that’s the wine tax for you).

The first course was seared tuna served with watermelon and lemongrass broth. The tuna was wonderfully fresh and surprisingly went well with watermelon.  Being a fan of lemongrass, I really enjoyed the lemongrass broth and there wasn’t a drop left in my bowl.  The wine was a New Zealand Sav Blanc, which I was hugely disappointed with – it didn’t compliment the dish at all.

Tuna and watermelon in lemongrass broth

The second course was crispy seared scallops with cauliflower in turmeric dressing. The scallops were small in size but packed a lot of flavour – sweet and juicy, much better than what you can find in Australia.  The wine went very well with this dish (a French one from memory).

Seared scallops

For our third course we had slow roasted suckling pork with a stereotypical Balinese sauce accompaniment and cucumber salad.  The pork was probably the most tender I have ever tasted, and the Balinese sauce, while typical in flavour was very delicate and light.  Although I really dislike cucumber, I enjoyed the cucumber salad as it was slightly pickled.  This was my favourite dish of the night.

Slow roasted suckling pig

The main course was braised wagyu beef and beef tortellini in a Indonesian flavoured beef jus with oyster mushrooms.  Mr Ana was excited about the braised beef, which flaked away when you cut into it with your fork.  He also loved the mushrooms, but he is obsessed with all types of mushies.  I enjoyed the braised beef, however I think the jus was a typical beef jus, nothing exciting.

Braised wagyu beef cheeks

The fifth course was more of a palate cleanser, which was a lemon basil gelato served with honey cream.  The lemon basil gelato on its one was quite strong in flavour, very lemony.  The honey cream was deliciously smooth and creamy, and went very well with the gelato.  This was accompanied with a French champagne, which was a little too dry for my liking.

Lemon basil gelato with honey cream

The final course was dessert – an odd combination of frozen Valrhona chocolate and curry nougat, curry gel, and coconut sorbet.  I’m not a fan of Valrhona, however their frozen version was perfect – not too sweet and they obviously used dark chocolate which goes well in any dessert in my opinion.  The curry gel own its own was strong in curry flavour and frankly I didn’t like it.  However, when I ate it with the frozen chocolate, it went quite well together.  The coconut sorbet was a hit, very coconuty in flavour with a hint of saltyness.  The sorbet went well with the curry gel. This was accompanied with a sweet dessert wine, which was very enjoyable.

Frozen chocolate and coconut sorbet with curry gel

Finally we were served petit fours.  I received a fresh caramel with coconut cream, Mr Ana got a strawberry served on top of a coconut jelly.  Being a BIG fan of caramel, I snatch it up and savoured it with delight.  Just the right combination of sweetness with a slight burnt flavour. mmmmmmmm….

Petit fours

Overall I found Mozaic to be a pretty good restaurant.  I wasn’t expecting it to be top notch compared to some of the restaurants I’ve tried in Europe (most of which weren’t Michelin starred – but you don’t need this to have a brilliant meal).  However it was a good fine dining experience, and compares well to degustation menus found in Australia.  The matched wines were a slight disappointment considering the premium we paid, however overall it was fine.  We would go back there again.

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