Poo coffee anyone?

On our way to visit the rice paddy terraces in Tegalalang, we stopped by Bali Pulina to try the most expensive coffee in the world – Kopi Luwak.

Kopi Luwak is made from the beans of coffee berries that have been eaten by civets and it passes through their digestive system whole.  The result is an aromatic and less bitter coffee, with overtones of caramel and a slight fruitness in flavour.  Kopi Luwak is unique to Indonesia, so of course we wanted to try it!

So what did it taste like? My first impression was it tasted quite different to the usual coffee taste I was used to (Campos fan here!).  It wasn’t what I expected and I wasn’t sure I liked it.  However after the second sip, I noticed it was lighter, slightly sweet and also fruity.  No bitterness at all, and I didn’t use any milk.  I did add a bit of sugar however.  Overall I really enjoyed it and brought home a little pack. A 100 gram pack of beans cost around $38AUD.

While we were there, we tried 10 different types of coffees and teas, our favourites being their lemon tea, hot cocoa (made from cocoa grown, harvested, and processed on site), and ginseng coffee.

We had the forethought to bring a take away lunch of nasi campur from Cafe Wayan (yum!), and ate while we enjoyed our coffees.  The view was divine, with lush green rice paddies and palm trees strewn all over the surrounding hills.

The view

It was a lovely afternoon and we finally got to try some poo coffee.  Not many people can say that can they?

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3 Responses to Poo coffee anyone?

  1. Glen Harding says:

    How can I buy the coffee online?

    • anasmusings says:

      There are sites where you can buy direct from Indonesia, however there’s no guarantee that it will be authentic, also you might have import issues here. I know that there is a tearoom on Townsville that sell online – http://www.heritagetearooms.com.au/

      • anasmusings says:

        Hi Jo, I haven’t kept an eye out for black bean noodles as I’m not a fan. However I do like noodles and I don’t recall seeing them on menus recently. Have you checked out any Korean supermarkets? I can guarantee that they will have the ingredients you’d need to make the dish at home. Try Lucky Mart in Eight Mile Plains – huge selection of goods to chose from.

        Will keep an eye out for the noodles though. Good luck!

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