La Villais Executive Spa and Villas – Seminyak

Since we arrived late at night, we couldn’t get a good look at the villa, but boy did it make a good impression!  It was a huge villa with a sizable pool, a large semi outdoor lounge area and kitchenette, and an impressive bed.  Oh, did I mention the massive natural stone bathroom??  We went to bed surrounded by our mosquito net and to the gentle tune of frogs croaking in the background…

The next morning we had the chance to have a good look at villa in the sunlight while we enjoyed our in house breakfast.  The pool was huge and spotless, with a nice depth so you could actually swim laps in it (Mr Ana took advantage of this while I just splashed around).  The lounge area was conveniently set up so you could jump out of the pool and relax while you dried off, and since the entire villa was incredibly private, I could just peel off my swimmers and leave them out to dry off in the sun.   Now that’s convenience for you.

Villa pool - La Villais

The bed was really comfortable and huge, however I really didn’t like the pillows and ended up sleeping on a rolled up towel.  I strangely liked sleeping in a mosquito net though.

Villa room when we arrived - La Villais

The bathroom had an air conditioner in it which we used often because it was quite humid.  While the bathroom was well set up, some of the grout and small finishes needed attention.  If I’m going to be picky about it, it’s not what you expect in a 5 star villa.

The villa itself is a 5 minute walk to eat street through a few back streets, which was convenient.  While it was around a 15 minute away from the beach, we had to navigate our way around scooters and cars on the road since footpaths weren’t the thing in this area.

Pathway to the Villa - La Villais

Overall we enjoyed our stay in La Villais, however with so much competition around I think you could find a huge selection of similar villas in the area.

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