Prana Spa – Seminyak

There are a LOT of spas and massage places in Bali to suit your budget and preference, whether it be super luxe or dirt cheap. However I wanted to try a luxurious treatment (that err, I can’t afford at home!).  I’ve visited a number of spa places in Australia and overseas, and my favourite is Devarana Spa in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  I am also a sports massage veteran, which I’ve needed after having some issues with my spine and back.

I decided to visit Prana Spa in Seminuak after reading about it on Trip Advisor. The spa organises complementary pick up and I was whisked away at 8:30am.  After a 10 minute drive, we arrived at this exotic, Turkish inspired building of bright orange with purple highlights.

I was greeted with a smile and enjoyed a lemon and ginger tea (no powder stuff here, it was the real deal with bits of ginger fibre on the bottom of the cup) while I filled in my attendance form. Then I was escorted through a few doorways and down a hall lined with Turkish carpet to the change room, where the door mysteriously opened.  I still haven’t figured out how the person on the other side knows the precise moment when to open the door.  After getting changed into a cotton batik robe, the door again mysteriously opened and the massage therapist greeted me and took me down another hall into my darkened treatment room.  Deep red walls with golden gilt on the ceiling, cushioned benches and a patterned massage bed.

I decided to try the Ayurvedic Simply Bliss treatment, which was a 2 hours treatment consisting of a full body massage combine with an ayurvedic treatment.  I have never tried an ayurvedic treatment before and wanted to experience it.  Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine originating in India.  My ayurvedic treatment consisted of a copper vessel being suspended over my head and a very fine stream of oil being steadily dripped onto my forehead – of my 5th chakra. The treatment was supposed to assist in curing insomnia and stress.

My treatment started with the massage therapist pressing my pressure points down my back before using oil to do a full body massage.  I prefer a firmer massage, and that is exactly what I got (not in a scary ‘she’s going to break my back’ kind of way though).  The massage therapist was intuitive with her techniques which is just the way it’s supposed to be.  I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and enjoyed a glass of iced water before settling down for my ayurvedic treatment.

After a bit of clanging from the copper vessel as it was being set up, a thin stream of oil started to drip on the middle of my forehead.  It started out quite cool, then became very warm, and the massage therapist would move the stream of oil to squiggle along the width of my forehead before settling it back in its original spot.  It was actually quite a strange sensation – I couldn’t feel anything except for the steady stream of oil on my forehead. I struggled to stay awake and might have dropped off a few times.

I finished up with a firm shoulder massage (ahhhhhhhh) and enjoyed a glass of iced mint tea.

I floated back to the change room where the door mysteriously opened, and had a shower to clean off the oil.  Although the oil didn’t make a mess on my forehead, it made a mess in my hair!  I had to wash it three times to get all the oil out.

I was driven back to my villa, where I floated back to my room and sat there in a daze where Mr Ana asked how it was……………….  Just wonderful.

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