Creperie Bretonne

I’ve always wanted to try crepes in Paris.  It’s a very french thing to do, non?  It’s not very Parisian though, as crepes are originally from Brittany, which is in the northwest of France.  That being said, there are some great places to try crepes in Paris.  I took the advice of David Labovitz, one of my favourite bloggers who resides in Paris.  David is a dessert chef and has written quite a few recipe books (of which I bought) on desserts.  David thinks that one of the best crepes to be found in Paris is at Creperie Bretonne in the 11th arrondissement of Bastille.  As our apartment was in Bastille we wandered around the neighbourhood in search of this little shop.

We entered the teeny shop which had a lot of character in its wooden benches and flowery curtains.  The entire place was filled with Brittany paraphernalia and vintage crockery.   The place is owned by an older husband and wife team, with the wife serving customers and the husband (who looks like Santa, but wearing a beret and a pair of braces) made all the crepes.  Santa even smoked a pipe – after he finished cooking our crepes of course!

The menu was extensive but I already knew I was going to get a sweet crepe – I ordered a sweet crepe with vanilla ice cream, strawberry jam, and fresh cream.

Crepe with strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream - Creperie Bretonne

The vanilla ice cream that came with my crepe was home made, or at least carefully made, and the vanilla seeds smattered in the ice cream gave it a lovely flavour.  The strawberry jam wasn’t too sweet, but it matched perfectly with the ice cream.  The crepe itself was slightly crispy on the edges but chewy in the middle.  It was also smothered with butter.  Not so good for the waistline, but oh so good to eat!

Mr Ana ordered a savoury crepe (made from buckwheat flour instead of wheat) with ham, an egg, and some cheese.  His crepe was lovely with the egg oozing everywhere, just how we like it.  However I enjoyed my sweet one more.  Almost all of the crepes are under €10, and my sweet crepe was only €4.

Ham and egg crepe - Creperie Bretonne

We left with full, happy tummies and felt a bit sleepy.  So we made our way to Avenue des Champs-Élysées to stroll down the famous street and walk off our crepes.

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