Le Petit Marche – Paris

This little restaurant is in Le Marais and is casually set up with mismatching tables and chairs and benches.  Luckily we made a booking otherwise we may not have gotten a table.

Contrary to some reviews, we found the service in Le Marais to be casual, friendly, and kind (considering we couldn’t read the menu properly).

Now on to the food!  I started with an entree of carrot mousse and sauteed crustaceans.  The carrot mousse was airy and light with that slight sweetness that comes with good carrots.  The crustaceans were bouncy and sweet, which went well with the carrot mousse.  There was some butter sauce drizzled on the plate which went well with the crustaceans – I don’t know what the crustaceans where, they definitely weren’t prawns and they were too small to be lobsters.  Perhaps they were small yabbies?  Overall the entree was quite sweet, but that suited me well.

Carrot mousse with crustaceans - Le Petit Marche

My main was grilled beef in jus served with sweet potato puree.  The beef was perfectly cooked medium, so there was a firmness when you bit into the beef, but it still retained a lot of its natural juices.  I love sweet potato so I gobbled up the puree with enthusiasm after swirling forkfuls in a bit of beef jus.  I didn’t need help finishing my meal.

Grilled beef with sweet potato puree Le Petit Marche

While I didn’t take a photo of it (probably because I ate it without thinking), but I had my favourite chocolate fondant.  It was very simple, however it was the perfect combination of cream and dark chocolate.  The actual chocolate sauce was rich and not too runny.

A final touch that our entire table appreciated was the complementary pomme verte that the waiter plonked on our table with shot glasses.  He said this was on the house and it would warm us up.  ‘What is this pomme verte’ I hear you ask (I was wondering this too – how strong would it be??!) – pomme verte is an apple flavoured liqueur.  It is quite sweet so it was easy, very easy, to drink.  Shot after shot went down – after all there was 2/3s of a bottle to share amongst us.  We left feeling warm from head to toe.

I remembered to buy a bottle to bring back to Australia too.  Served best cold, whenever we have a sip it always reminds us of Le Petit Marche.  Hmmm, might go and have some pomme verte now…

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