Maison Karrenbauer – Chez Paul

As we were based in a private apartment in the 11th arrondissement for a little while, we went out in search of a local bakery to bring back some fresh pastries and bread for breakfast every morning.

We didn’t have to wander far, as Maison Karrenbauer was just around the corner.  We thought we would give it a go and bought an assortment of pastries including, of course, croissants.  We also had a pain au chocolat, croissant au amande, a tart de fraise (strawberry tart), and a tart de pomme (apple tart).

The croissant.  Well the croissant was ultra flakey and buttery.  It was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside and clearly the baker and folded that pastry until his arms were sore because it was ridiculously flakey and light.  It was quite messy to eat so I’m glad we took it back to the apartment and ate in our pajamas.  I truly fell in love with croissants at this point.

The almond croissant was also very delicious, with almond meal squashed in the middle and a smattering of toasted almond on top. The chocolate croissant had good quality dark chocolate inside, it wasn’t that sweet at all (well, it was, but it went well with my coffee!).  The tarts were also delightful, with the pastry being flakey and buttery, and the fruit being nice and tart.  The tarts didn’t have custard filling, but rather a fresh cream custard filling – it was nice and creamy, but quite heavy.

We ended up going there every morning to get fresh pastries for breakfast.  The owner became familiar with us and often had a chuckle when I tried to order our pastries in broken French.

And no, I don’t have any photos of the pastries as we ate them as soon as we got home (and made a flakey mess in the process).

I’ll leave you with a photo of the shop’s exterior though, which was as charming as the staff inside.  It would entice anyone to enter.

Maison Karrenbauer - Paris

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