Montepulciano, Tuscany

“Run Bella, ruuuuuunnnnn!!!!!!’

For the rare few of you that don’t know (which included me until I was enlightened by this), Montepulciano is the Tuscan town where the Twilight movie New Moon was filmed.  Yeah, I didn’t really care about when I found out this either, but anyway…

Montepulciano is a small medieval town set up high in the Tuscan hills (605m to be exact).  Another car free city centre, the old city is still fringed by its original city walls, making it a very easy place to walk around.  The middle of the town has a looong street, and either side drops away quite suddenly in places.

I did a lot of research before deciding where to stay in Montepulciano.  We ended up staying in Meuble Il Riccio, which is located down a little alleyway in Montepulciano.  Meuble was built in the 16th century, started out as a palazzo and turned into a seminary.  After being neglected for some time, it was restored to become the B&B it is today.  Our modest but comfortable room had a window opening up to the laneway below, so when I woke in the morning, I sat there and looked out into the stillness before all the tourist arrived.  We could also access the rooftop garden of the B&B, which opened up to sweeping views of Montepulciano.

Sky view from Meuble Il Riccio courtyard

View of rooftops  – Meuble Il Riccio

We spent some time wandering around this little town.  The first thing we saw of course, was the Palazzo Comunale in the piazza of Montepulciano.  This is where apparently Bella ran to save or find what’s his name, the vampire.  I don’t know, never watched Twilight.  She also ran through a fake fountain that doesn’t actually exist near the clock tower.

Palazzo Comunale - Montepulciano

Santa Maria delle Grazia - Montepulciano

We also walked around taking in the surrounding view…

Views of Montepulciano hills

I spent some time strolling around the small shops set amongst the old buildings and arches, and picked up some lovely leather key rings and hand bound notebooks.  Also grabbed a quick slice of pizza 🙂


Fast food - the yummy kind

Montepulciano is a small town, packed with charming buildings from the Renaissance period.  While there are visitors that come to check out the town, it’s not as packed as Florence so you can wander around with ease.

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