Bistro De Schaar – Bruges

As we had so little time in Bruges, we did a bit of research before deciding on Bistro De Schaar.  There were so many winding roads and little bridges crossing canals, so two out of three of us had our mobile GPS’ operating to find this teeny little restaurant.

Canal near the restaurant - Bruges

When we got there we took a seat at the window in the restaurant, and watched the sun set.  We each ordered 3 courses and also a bottle of wine that the head waiter recommended.

My dinner started with an entrée of stuffed mushrooms topped with escargots in a light curry sauce.  I will confess that while I adore food, I’m also big on texture, and snails do not entice me.  At all.  But I decided to be brave and try it and it was surprisingly nice.  The escargots had a texture not unlike cuttle fish and it went well with the butter and curry sauce.

Escargot and mushroom entree

My main was delicious.  I chose pork cutlets with a butter garlic sauce which came with a little garden salad.  The cool thing about this is that we got to watch the chef prepare the entire dish.  In the restaurant there is a woodfire stove set up facing the downstairs dining area.  The chef unpacked my pork cutlets and he noticed us looking on with interest and held up the pork for us to have a good look.  Then he cut the pork to make several small cutlets and one by one he placed them on the already heated grill.  A smokey, woody smell filled the restaurant and I started to salivate.  Later the head waiter told us that the chef/owner’s wife went to her home town that morning and picked up the pork for the restaurant that night.  So what did it taste like?  One of the most tender cuts of pork I had ever experienced, very juicy and slightly pink in the middle.  A bit of butter sauce just made it better.

Grilled pork cutlets with butter sauce

And then came our dessert.  We all ordered the same thing – strawberry tiramasu.  Tiramasu in Belgium? Strawberries are Mr Ana’s favourite, and it has also become a favourite of mine.  My brother just likes tiramasu.  And we. were. not. disappointed.

THE tiramasu

Fresh strawberry sauce, fluffy mascapone cheese mixed with something we couldn’t figure out, and the biscuits were soaked not in coffee, but in alcohol.  It is to this day, one of the best desserts I’ve eaten.  Mr Ana loved the dessert so much that he asked if he could buy some of the strawberry sauce!  The head chef went off to ask the chef, and the chef came to our table and once he saw how much we loved his dessert, he told us how to make it!

The secret is adding amaretto……………

Ps – after finishing our dinner we went for a walk and ended up in a local pub sampling their beers (we were, in Belgium after all).  We were there for an hour or so and the head waiter from the restaurant strolled in after he finished his shift.  So he joined us and we ended up drinking until 1am.  Only went home because I knew I’d regret it in the morning 🙂

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