Dumon Chocolatier – Bruges

There are many, many, MANY chocolate shops in Bruges.  Every street and lane you walk down, every corner – everywhere you look you will find chocolate shops.

The chocolate shops vary in quality and price.  Don’t let the fact that they are made in Belgium fool you into thinking that everything is great in quality.  Some add way more sugar and additives and don’t have a reasonable percentage of cacao in them.  So we went where we knew we would get good quality chocolate – Dumon Chocolatier.

Dumon Chocolatier

Dumon Chocolatier is well known in Bruges for their hand made chocolates.  My brother was kind enough to bring a big box to Australia for Mr Ana and myself a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since.  So I knew which chocolate shop was destined for me!

I had to contain myself when I stepped inside the store because really, I just wanted to go nuts and buy everything I saw.

Wall of chocolate - Dumon Chocolatier

Of course I didn’t go nuts, but I did come out with about 3 kgs of chocolate (between the three of us, and gifts of course!).  I bought a few bags of plain chocolate and chocolate covered almonds from the above picture.  But the fancy handmade chocolates are the star of Dumon.  Perfectly tempered, prettily set, and most of all, deliciously made chocolates!

Handmade chocolates - Dumon Chocolatier

Madame Dumon asked if she could help me and I said I didn’t know what I wanted to get!  She suggested I get a combination, and I decided to get big box of dark and milk chocolates.  Yum yum YUM!

Since we bought almost 3 kgs of her son’s handmade chocolates, Madame Dumon gave us a Dumon cool bag as a gift.  I still have this bag, even though the chocolates are long gone!

If there is one tip I can share, it is not to scrimp on chocolates while you are here.  While you can find handmade praline chocolates for as cheap as 12 Euros/kg in a number of places, it will not have a high percentage of cacao and it will have too much sugar.  If that’s your thing then go for it.  However if you want the real deal (over 34% cacao in milk chocolate, or up to 70% cacao for dark chocolate), then be prepared to pay around 18 to 20 Euros/kg.  It is well worth it in my opinion.  Particularly when you compare it to handmade chocolates in Australia and how expensive they can be.

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