The little town of Norwich

Norwich is a small town in Norfolk in England, about 3 hours outside of London.  A town dating back to the 5th century, it was the biggest town after London back in the 11th century, and one of the most important areas in the kingdom.

We had the opportunity to visit Norwich as two of our friends lived in Norwich – Mr and Ms M.  Mr Ana became great mates with Mr M while they both completed PhDs in Brisbane.  Mr and Ms M moved to Norwich while Mr Ana and I stayed in Brisbane.  My brother also became friends with Mr and Ms M and they have spent many weekends hanging out in London or Norwich.

Norwich Cathedral

Town buildings - Norwich

When we arrived we had a stroll around the city centre, having a quick peek at Norwich castle up on the hill and the Cathedral.  We noticed a massive (and I’m talking massive!) crowd in the city centre and walked into a street parade welcoming the Norwich Canaries back after winning the championship.

Norwich Canaries parade - dude holding the trophy almost dropped it!!!

After the football club’s convertible bus rolled past, we strolled up the cobbled laneway of Elm Hill, a street dating back to medieval times.

Elm Hill - Norwich

Ms M insisted we visit The Britons Arms, a little coffee house set up in a building dating back to the 15th century.  They make delicious homemade cakes so Mr Ana and I shared a slice of carrot cake, which was thick and crumbly…  mmmm…  It went perfectly with my cup of English breakfast tea.

Carrot cake -The Britons Arms

English Breakfast tea - The Britons Arms

We walked along the river that runs through the town and visited a few cool stores, including Coleman’s, the home of Coleman’s mustard, and also the Elm Hill craft shop – the most delightful little shop selling all manner of gifts.  I picked up a great lunch bag for my mum for £10.

Near the river - Norwich

Norwich isn’t a town that you go and visit while in London.  However I was really happy that we had the chance to see a small country(ish) town rich in history, and appreciate the small town charm.

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