Campos Cafe – Brisbane

So what’s the big deal about Campos coffee??

I’ll start this by saying I make my observations as a normal coffee drinker who appreciates coffee and can tell if the water or milk used to make a coffee was too hot, if the coffee is stale or burnt.  However I am NOT a total coffee die-hard who has monthly coffee supplies delivered to their front door and baulks at the thought of ever having to resort to nescafe for a caffeine fix.

Campos coffee have won several awards for their coffee blends and lives down an alleyway in the trendy area of James Street, New Farm in Brisbane (they have a cafe in Newtown, Sydney as well).  I generally avoid James Street like the plague as I am not a poser who likes to hang with other posers and look cool, nor do I like to pay a premium for anything simply due to the location.  I’m definitely not trendy.  Besides, parking tends to suck around these parts.

However Mr Ana I had decided to check it out to see what the fuss was all about.  We went for brunch mid-week, which was a good idea as we easily found a park across the street and there were a few tables still available.  Campos seems to be popular with uni students, local employees and business owners.

Campos Cafe - Brisbane

Campos have many blends to try, with innovative extraction methods, but we were told it was best to compare by drinking your usual style of coffee.  We ordered lattes which came out promptly and unlike many coffees I’ve tried in Brisbane CBD, it was at the perfect drinking temperature – hot, but not scalding.  I tried my latte without any sweetener and found that it didn’t need anything.  The coffee tasted as it smelt – rich and smooth, starting with a lovely full bodied coffee taste and ending with a lovely dark chocolate flavour.  It was a very easy coffee to drink.

Latte - Campos

Since I love big breakfasts, I ordered their big fry up.  Out came a huge plate full of tasty breakfast paraphernalia for me to indulge in.  A thick slice of sourdough bread, two free range eggs anyway you want them (poached thanks!), crispy middle bacon, a lamb and rosemary chipolata, grilled tomatoes.  Everything was delicious, however my favourite was their handmade hashbrown – a tall stack of grated potato mixed with fresh herbs, it was crispy on the outside but still chewy on the inside. mmmmm…..  I also really enjoyed the grilled haloumi, which was firm and slightly salty.  It was stuffed with herbs before frying so it had a subtle flavour of mint and rosemary.  Yummy.

Big Fry Up - Campos Brisbane

Mr Ana had baked eggs and chorizo sausages.  It sat on a bed of wilted spinach and baked in a little clay dish.  While tasty, the spinach had little seasoning and was a little simple compared to the variety of my fry up.

Campos coffee is worth a try.  Even if you’re not a coffee buff and are a regular coffee drinker like moi, you will appreciate the care their baristas take in making the coffee and the brisk but kind service of their staff.  But go on a weekday, you’ll be hard pressed for a table on the weekend.

I’ve since tried their Bourbon Street blend, which is quite light and when brewed with hot water (rather than boiling water), has a wonderful taste of dark chocolate.  Delicious but sensitive to water temperature.

I’ve also recently tried their Nyabumera beans from Rwanda.  It is a full bodied, deep flavoured coffee, and my gosh it is simply delicious.  Very rich and smooth, and the barista brewed it perfectly.  This may be my new favourite.  I recommend it for those who do like a strong coffee.

Ps – the staff are happy to help you with your coffee selection, so don’t be intimidated by all the choice!

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One Response to Campos Cafe – Brisbane

  1. Nicole says:

    Been here, and definitely a fan!

    Love their latte x

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