Lotus biscuits – My favourite!!!

I always remember the first time I tried Lotus speculoos biscuits – and it wasn’t in Belgium.  No.  I was at the world expo in Japan in 2005 and visited the Belgium Pavillion.  Each visitor was given an individually wrapped Lotus speculoos biscuit.

I was hooked.  Lotus’ speculoos biscuits were extra crunchy and subtly spiced biscuit that was very, very easy to nibble on.  Not too thin, not too thick – just right!  It’s a little like a ginger biscuit, but in my opinion, by far yummier.

Now not sure if you are familiar with speculoos biscuits, also known as speculaas (depending on which country the biscuits are from) – are originally from the Netherlands and Belgium.  Since trying them in Japan, I have tried to find them in Australia.  While sometimes they come with a coffee in particular coffee shops, I could never find them for retail sale.  I can get other brands of speculoos biscuits, but they were never the same.  The closest I could get was Anna’s brand of spice biscuits from Ikea.

So when I went to Belgium I marched straight to a supermarket and bought some of my favourite biscuits.  3 kilograms worth 🙂

My stash has run out, so I’ve had to settle for Anna’s spice biscuits…  And since they’re also made by Lotus, it’s not a bad alternative!

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One Response to Lotus biscuits – My favourite!!!

  1. bora says:

    ı tried original caramalised version

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