Pourboy – Brisbane (quickie!)

I’ve heard quite a bit about pourboy, and seeing as I was passing it this morning, I decided to go and try their coffee.

Luckily I ducked in early, as after I was served a line at the counter appeared out of no where!  I bought a large latte ($4) and it was quickly made up and off I went to sip it.

The good bits – the coffee was at the perfect temperature to drink straight away, the cup didn’t burn my hand and nor did the temperature burn my mouth.  Since it was made at a good temperature, the coffee itself wasn’t burnt and there was not bitter taste.  The coffee didn’t need any sugar and it was very easy to drink.

The boring bits – well, the coffee blend was a little bland for me.  It wasn’t particularly rich in flavour and so my latte tasted very milky.  There was little depth and it just tasted like… boring coffee.  I know that sounds silly, but I guess I’ve become accustomed to coffee blends that have hints of flavours come through as you drink – berries, caramel, dark chocolate…  I just didn’t get it with this.

Latte - Pourboy

It’s still a pretty decent cup of coffee and the baristas certainly know how to work their machines.  I suppose the beans weren’t for me.

I will return to try lunch as I’m told it’s very tasty.  I’ll also return for those little berry muffins that they bake fresh every day 🙂  So watch this space!

26 Wharf Street
Brisbane 4000
PourBoy Espresso on Urbanspoon

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