Dusit D2 Hotel – Chiang Mai

While planning our visit to Chiang Mai as part of our trip to Thailand, we trawled through Tripadvisor to find our accommodation.  So many options available, it was confusing – but we finally chose Dusit D2.

Dusit D2 is located right near the Chiang Mai night market (which to be honest, was a bit of a draw card for me), and is a modern, unique hotel.  The hotel had a young vibe about it, and strived to provide excellent service to its guests.

We arrived at the hotel, which looked like a big white building – nothing outstanding here except for the white London Taxi parked out the front.  However when we walked inside, we were greeted by a trendy lobby decorated in lime and orange – literally limes and oranges were stuffed in vases around the place!

Lobby of Dusit D2 - Chiang Mai

As we had booked a studio suite, we were asked to sit down while they arranged our private check in.  We received an ice cold lemongrass and ginger drink, which was very refreshing, and then we were whisked away to the private club floor and quickly checked in.  The suite room was large, with its own lounge room and walk in wardrobe.

Studio suite - Dusit D2 Chiang Mai

The bathroom was also huge.  I appreciated the extra touches, which included a gift box – every day they would place a little gift inside (a herb infusion ball one day, some incense another day).  They also provided a little note where you could write your desires on it.  One day I said I would like fresh flowers – I came back to our room and there was a teeny little arrangement of orange roses sitting on our table.  Another day I said I’d like fresh Thai banana cake,  and another day I asked for a few glasses of lemongrass and ginger drink – all provided once we returned to the room.  And no extra charges 🙂

Little touches - Dusit D2 Chiang Mai

As we had access to the club floor, we went there for some hors d’oeuves and drinks before dinner.  No one was there and we lounged about for an hour or so.  I also enjoyed their breakfast buffet, where we could get omlettes made to order, fresh pan fried kipfler potatoes, and fantastic home made muesli (seriously, it was really good).

One of the things I enjoyed the most was their onsite spa  – Devarana Spa.  It was incredibly luxurious and private, beautifully decorated rooms with very good massage therapists.  To this day it is still be best spa experience I’ve had.

I really enjoyed staying at Dusit D2, and if I ever get the chance to return to Chiang Mai – and I really hope that I do – I will come back here to experience their hospitality and flair.

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