The Gallery Restaurant – Chiang Mai

Our concierge at D2 recommended that we have dinner at The Gallery – a restaurant set in a traditional teak building over 100 years old.  The Gallery is set along Ping river, the main river in Chiang Mai.

We really wanted to try regional food from Chiang Mai (as opposed to stereotypical Thai food) and was advised to order the Chiang Mai Hor D’oeuvres dish.  We took a tuk tuk to the restaurant, and was seated by the river.  It was quite hot, so we cooled down with some cocktails (me) and beer (Mr Ana).

Night view of Ping river - The Gallery Chiang Mai

Finally our hor d’oeuvres arrived.  The food was arranged in little covered bowls and prettily set out on a shallow basket.  We weren’t familiar with any of the food so was very excited to try them!  The first thing we tried was Chiang Mai sausage, a grainy sausage mixed with herbs – they were simply delicious.  The meat was ground roughly so it had a good texture to it, and the herbs made the sausage incredibly tasty.  The next thing I tried was Burmese style curry.  It is more like a stew, with slowly simmered pork in tamarind based soup, with the pork crumbing away to make the curry quite thick and delicious.  Plenty of spices but not overpowering with chilli.  SO tasty!  We also had a soy bean curry, dry fried pork, and pork crackling.  However the sausage and Burmese curry were the stars for me.

Chiang Mai hor d'oeuvres - The Gallery Chiang Mai

Our dish came with a little basket of glutinous rice, which you picked up with your hands and dipped it into the curry.  It was perfect together.  We also got an assortment of raw or slightly blanched vegetables, which you hand dipped in a red chilli dip.  The dip was a little hot for me, but Mr Ana loved it.

We had a lovely romantic dinner at The Gallery – a perfect start to our stay in Chiang Mai.  Oh, and we caught a tuk tuk back to D2 as well 🙂

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