Fresh Sushi Co. – Brisbane

Mr Ana and I have strolled past Fresh Sushi Co a number of times, but never at the right time for lunch – it was always just after having breakfast or very late in the afternoon.

Since I had the day off and was in between errands, I grabbed a coffee and popped by Fresh Sushi Co to see what they had on offer.

Menu (click on it for more detail) - Fresh Sushi Co

There were plenty of things on the menu, but since I was in a hurry I focussed on their boxed sets.  They were in the process of preparing for lunch, so I knew they were freshly made.

Box sets on offer - Fresh Sushi Co

Decisions, decisions…  My standard test is to try raw salmon, however I didn’t want to get the salmon avocado box ($12) as that was literally all that was in the sushi.  Same with the rainbow box ($12) – although it did look very pretty.  I didn’t want the tuna salad box ($11) or the California box ($10) as they contained cooked seafood and I wanted to know how fresh the seafood is – raw was best for me to check it out.

I settled on the three fish rainbow box ($12), which had a combination fresh salmon, tuna, and white fish sushi.

I started with the tuna as this is often the worst of the lot – as you may have read, I love super fresh and firm tuna, which is hard to find in Brisbane.  Often I find that while the tuna is fresh, it is not firm and is too soft for me to enjoy.  The tuna on the sushi was a little on the thin side, however it had a lovely firm-ish texture.  Yuuuuummmm…  The avocado was very very creamy and the mayonnaise had a great hondashi flavour to it.  The toasted seseme seeds were a great touch and added flavour to the roll.

Tuna sushi - Fresh Sushi Co

I moved on to the white fish – this may have been kingfish, but don’t quote me on that.  I took a bite and enjoyed lovely fresh fish – ever so slightly sweet and a wonderful texture.

White fish sushi - Fresh Sushi Co

Finally I tried the salmon sushi.  The sides were looking a little too orange (tell tale signs of salmon that is not fresh), but I took a bite…….  And again, very fresh!  A great firm texture so my teeth sank into the flesh and I had a happy time chewing through the salmon.

Salmon sushi - Fresh Sushi Co

The only teeny thing about sushi was that the rice was a smidgen too salty for me, however that is just my preference.  Overall I was surprised at how tasty the sushi was.

I’ve since dragged Mr Ana to Fresh Sushi Co and we chose a few things to eat.  Mr Ana chose the sushi moriawase ($35).  The nigiri was handformed and Mr Ana enjoyed the freshness of the fish.

Sushi moriawase - Fresh Sushi Co

I chose the chirashi sushi ($33).  As expected, the fish was very fresh, the prawns sweet and enjoyable, and the salmon roe slightly salty.  The tamago was fluffy and slightly sweet.  The scallops were quite nice, but probably not as nice as I’ve had elsewhere in Brisbane.  Also, I didn’t enjoy the sushi rice as much as I hoped.  Mr Ana thought I was being crazy, but the rice reminded me of day old sushi rice that I would eat the next day (we make sushi rice at home from scratch).  I thought it was a bit expensive for what it was – say, compared to Hosokawa.

Chirashi Sushi - Fresh Sushi Co

We also tried the Moreton Bay bug sushi – which was delicious.  They really know how to cook the bugs and it was plump and still juicy.  First time I’ve had it in sushi, and it won’t be the last!

Don’t come to the Fresh Sushi Co. for complex food or sushi, nor a fine dining experience.  However, do come to the Fresh Sushi Co. if you want straight forward sushi that focusses on super fresh seafood – which is what it’s all about.  No fishy smells here!  The sushi is more expensive than other casual places in Brisbane – however seeing as how fresh my fish was, I’m happy to pay that price.

And you know what?  If you want a great sushi dinner, just go and pick up a few packs of sushi and take it home.  It’ll just as good as some of the ‘fine dining’ Japanese restaurants around, and will cost you no where near as much.  That’s what I’m planning to do with a couple of friends 🙂

I will definitely return (although not during lunch on a Saturday – it is rediculously busy).  I’ve noticed more and more good quality sushi places popping up in Brisbane, and frankly I can’t be happier!

Fresh Sushi Co.
Shop C09/22 James St
Fortitude Valley 4006
Fresh Sushi Co on Urbanspoon

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