Little Saigon Grill – Brisbane

I’ve been a regular at the Little Saigon Grill since they first opened a couple of years ago (I actually can’t believe how much time has passed, but such is life I suppose!).  I was admittedly a sceptic, as I’ve frequented quite a few Vietnamese eateries in Darra and Inala.  However, seeing as this is pretty much the only place in Brisbane CBD that offers Vietnamese food – I knew I’d get sucked in eventually.

Banh mi bar - Little Saigon Grill

Seeing as I’m pretty sure the owner’s mum has a banh mi/take away shop that has been open in the ‘burbs for as long as I remember, their banh mi tastes almost identical.  Although described to suit the office worker’s palette – using words like pork terrine – the familiar Vietnamese pate, homemade eggy mayonnaise, and pickled carrot is just like I remember.  All hand made while you wait, with the fluffy Vietnamese baguette grilled for that crunchy bite, it is well worth a try.  At around $6 a pop, it’s a great alternative to the usual sandwiches and rolls you can get.

Banh mi thit - Little Saigon Grill

Their rice noodle bowls are pretty good value at $7.90.  I usually get their grilled beef option, as this is the most authentic flavour that I could find.  Mixed in with bouncy noodles, fresh salad, a smattering of fried shallot onions and peanuts, and heaps of sauce that accompanies the dish, it is my favourite!  I’ve also tried their honey pork balls, however I’d give it a miss – they a usually over cooked and there aren’t enough meat balls to go with the dish.

Rice noodle bowl - Little Saigon Grill

I’ve also taken a liking to their grilled beef salad.  A spin on a traditional salad with fresh gourmet green leaves and tomatoes, some thin noodles coated in roasted rice powder, a decent serve of grilled beef, it is SO much yummier then other salads in the same arcade (or anywhere in the CBD). I eat this salad quite often 🙂

I have eaten their pork and prawn rolls, which while very simple, are great on a hot day.  Quite good value ($2.20), however I feel they are stingy with their pork and prawn filling (half a prawn and two slivers of pork).

I wouldn’t really bother with their beef rendangs and non-Vietnamese curries as these dishes are not their specialty.  Stick to their Vietnamese yellow curry.  Yummy.

So if you’re in the city and want to eat something a bit different from the usual fair available, take a trip to Little Saigon Grill and eat some Vietnamese food.  While it is not strictly traditional Vietnamese food, your stomach will thank you anyway.  Well at least mine did!

Little Saigon Grill
Rowes Arcade
9/235 Edward Street
Brisbane 4000
Little Saigon Grill on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Little Saigon Grill – Brisbane

  1. Katya says:

    Ms A, you are making me want to move to Brisbane. Banh Mi yum. I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow.

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