Michiacana Natural Ice Cream – Sonoma

I read that this was a great place to visit for traditional Mexian ice cream made from natural ingredients. Since we were kind of in the area, I insisted that we stop here for a taste.  As I was the designated driver that day (we are responsible drinkers! My brother was pretty much passed out in the back seat), I drove us on the correct side of the road down a 5 lane highway and through Sonoma to Michiacana.

I tried two ice creams – pastachio and caramel. The pastachio had a true nut flavour with pastachio chucks stirred through – it was probably the best I had ever tried. The caramel was not sickly sweet but subtly sweet mixed in with a great creamy flavour. The consistency was like a gelato, so soft and creamy – I had to eat it pretty quickly in the afternoon sun.

Pistachio and caramel ice cream - Michiacana Natural Ice Cream

Mr Ana chose to have a strawberry popcicle. It had a true strawberry flavour, with strawberry chunks and seeds throughout, and a frozen whole strawberry at the base to enjoy at the end. I only got one bite, but I really enjoyed it!

Strawberry popcicle - Michacana Natural Ice Cream

We got a take away popcicle as well – a rice cereal flavour. Sounds odd huh? It was essentially like a subtle rice pudding on a stick. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would – so no pic of this one because I ate it while driving!!!

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