Ferry Building Farmers Market – San Francisco

While in San Fransisco, we wanted to visit the actual bay – you know, the thing that makes San Fransisco what it is.  We bypassed the Fishermans’ Wharf, and instead headed to the Ferry Building.

The Ferry Building is a historical building, and was the transport hub for anyone arriving into the area in the late 1800’s.

We were lucky as we visited on a Tuesday, which is when the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market was on.  We met some friends there for lunch, and managed to try a number of treats on offer.  All of the artisan food stalls here try their utmost to use local and sustainable ingredients, something that San Francisco is very well-known for.

Food Stalls - Ferry Building Farmers' Market

Pizza Politana -there were a number of food stalls that had looong lines of waiting patrons, and Pizza Politana was one of them.  With their imported Neapolitan wood-fired oven, locally milled organic milled flour, and toppings from fellow farmers and artisans at the market, these pizzas were one of a kind.  We had a simple Margherita pizza.  The base was lightly crispy but was still doughy, and the simple tomato sauce and mozzarella was delicious.  Can’t forget the fresh Italian basil – one of my favourite herbs.

Pizza Politana - Ferry Building Farmers' Market

Hapa Ramen – the line for Hapa Ramen was super long, which was a good advertisement for them.  I am a super fan of ramen and was eager to try the version that was so popular.  We ordered a big daddy ramen bowl, which included slow cooked pork, fried chicken, some asian vegetables, and a slow cooked egg ($12).  Now maybe my obsession with Japanese ramen wasn’t a good thing here.  Because this ramen disappointed me.  Hapa ramen is of course an interpretation of Japanese ramen – using different cooking techniques with traditional ingredients.  The soup stock was neither a shoyu (soy sauce) or tonkatsu (pork bone) based ramen, but tasted more of a miso (soy) based ramen.  The pork was slow cooked, but as they used a very lean cut, it was not as juicy as I expected.  The egg was delicious however.  I must say that I have had more traditional style ramen in Brisbane.

Hapa Ramen - Ferry Building Farmers' Market

Humphry Slocombe – for dessert we had some ice cream from Humphry Slocombe – well-known for their seasonal flavours and unusual flavour combinations.  We stuck with the more traditional (ish) flavours of Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee and Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt.  The coffee ice cream tasted as I expected – smooth flavour of coffee with the sweetness of condensed milk – delicious.  The Chocolate smoked sea salt ice cream however, was a little heavy on the salt.  While the chocolate (dark by the taste of it) was nice, the salt really distracted me from it and I couldn’t eat too much.

Humphry Slocombe - Ferry Building Farmers' Market

While digesting my lunch, I took a stroll around the actual markets and also the stores inside the Ferry Building.  I sampled a few things on offer, purchased some fresh produce for our road trip, and bought a vase from Heath Ceramics.

It was a lovely day out.

Berries picked that morning - Ferry Building Farmers' Market

Mushies - Ferry Building

Heath Ceramics - Ferry Building

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