Grill’d – Brisbane

Now I love a decent burger. It brings me back to my childhood when every now and my brother an I were treated to a burger with the works from our local milk bar (in Melbourne) or our local fish and chip shop (in Brisbane). Even now I’ve been known to duck into a particular bakery in a certain working class suburb who makes awesome burgers with the works. For $5. I even made my brother have one when he came home from London for a holiday break.

I’ve been a little curious about Grill’d, but not enough to drag myself there to try it. However Mr Ana went there with a friend and really enjoyed it, so of course I had to give it a go after hearing that.

So Mr Ana and I went to the local Grill’d resto on our side of town. The resto was decorated with a lot of timber which was quite nice. Service wasn’t spectacular (we were greeted with ‘yeah?’ – but I could be wrong because the person at the front counter mumbled at us), but for a cheap meal I don’t really care so much.

Inside Grill'd - Brisbane

I ordered the Queenslander – a ground beef burger with lettuce, tomato and onions (which I removed), a slice of tasty cheese, some bacon, and my personal favourites – a fried egg and some beetroot. When it came out it was a giant thing with a long toothpick jabbed in the middle to hold the burger together.

Queenslander burger - Grill'd Brisbane

There was no way I could fit the burger in my mouth, so I cut it in half. I managed to shove the corner of the burger in my mouth and the first thing I noticed was the juicy patty. Sure, it’s just a beef patty, but it had a great grilled smokey flavour to it, was seasoned well, and retained enough juice to make the patty moist. No dry ground beef here! I noticed there was a smattering of herbs in the patty as well, which added to the pleasant flavour. I really liked it. The burger was a little messy to eat, but that didn’t surprise me – when tomato and beetroot are involved, I’m sure to get a few drips on my plate. The panini bun was toasted and didn’t fall apart (like some other burgers), just as I like it.

The Queenslander burger dissected - Grill'd Brisbane

We ordered a serve of chips to share. The chips are hand cut and double fried, covered with herbs (probably the same ones that make its way into the patty) – they were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Perfect thick cut chips in my book. I also enjoyed the tomato relish we ordered with the chips – on the sweet side, but very enjoyable none the less.

Chips - Grill'd Brisbane

Mr Ana ordered the lamb burger – the ‘baa baa burger’ – he said it was very tasty, but frankly, I don’t do lamb so I left him to it. Mr Ana wished he had a fried egg in his burger though.

Baa baa burger - Grill'd Brisbane

All in all, I enjoyed my Grill’d burger. $10-12 isn’t too bad for a burger in Brisbane. I will return here with friend in tow – Mr S loves a decent burger, and is a regular at the said bakery in a certain working class suburb – only his favourite there is their egg and bacon burger.

I’ll definitely return for a burger at Grill’d when the urge hits – much more convenient then driving across town to my little bakery for an old fashioned burger with the works!

Westfield Garden City
Mount Gravatt 4122
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  1. Troy says:

    Hi Ana,

    Can you please email me at

    We want to extend an invitation to the Grill’d Wintergarden launch to you but need your email address in order to send you the PDF.



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