Miette – San Fransisco

While we were in San Fransisco, we visited Miette – a well known pastry shop in San Fransisco.  My brother swears by their Ginger snaps so I wanted to check it out.

We entered the charming little pastry shop in Hayes Valley and I became enchanted with all the little treats on offer.  The shop was beautifully decorated.  It was very easy to become confused 🙂 There were all sorts of shortbreads and biscuits, many varieties of lollies and candy (as well as a decent selection imported from France and Italy), and cupcakes.

I stuck with the sweets that I knew – a selection of macarons, and of course, some fleur de sel caramels.

I also got some ginger snaps and a little packet of chocolate coated caramels – I couldn’t resist!

Here is some of my loot:

The verdict: the caramels were well flavoured, however a little on the soft side for me.  I prefer a slightly harder skin with a nice chewy texture inside.  The filling also oozed out which made it slightly tricky to eat.  The salted caramel was very sweet, not as nice as the ones I usually eat from Jeff de Bruges.  I still have the little packet of chocolate coated caramels, so I have to get back to you on that one.  I gave the ginger snaps to my mum, and apparently they disappeared quickly – so that’s a good sign.

Miette is a pleasure to visit, however all it made me do was miss the sweet shops I visited in France…

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