Shimbashi Soba So Good – Gold Coast

I’m not sure how long I’ve been going to Shimbashi Soba So Good.  2 years?  3 years?  Not sure.  Shimbashi has been a regular place for Mr Ana and I to visit when we are in the Gold Coast, so regular that I can’t remember when we first started going!

Anyhoo, I’ll start by saying I am not generally a massive fan of soba.  Or udon.  I’m not sure why, perhaps I’ve had too many bad versions – and this is in Japan I’m talking about.

So I wasn’t sure what to expect with Shimbashi.  I knew that the chef – Master Yoshi – was trained in Japan and has opened restaurants all over Australia before settling in the Gold Coast.  Shimbashi doesn’t have an extensive menu – but the focus really are the noodles.  Master Yoshi hand makes the noodles each day at his station at the front of the shop.  Why eat rice when you can have freshly made noodles?

The setting of the restaurant is neat and tidy, which reminds me of a little restaurant in Japan – but much cleaner 🙂

Noodle making station - Shimbashi Soba So Good

On this trip, we selected the sashimi ($18) from the special board that displays seasonal menu items.  The kingfish was fresh and firm, and the salmon was perfectly bouncy.  In the middle of the sashimi plate was a slice of fatty salmon which Mr Ana happily munched on. Good start.

Sashimi - Shimbashi Soba So Good

Next came the agedashi tofu ($11).  I love the firm skin on the fried tofu – it’s quite firm and you bite into it with a teeny crack which gives way to silken tofu inside.  The dashi is well balanced, and comes with teeny piles of finely grated daikon and ginger.  I always enjoy this dish.

Agedashi tofu - Shimbashi Soba So Good

My favourite main is the Ten-Seiro ($19.50).  You receive a generous serve of cold soba noodles with soy dipping sauce (which comes with wasabi and shallots), along with a plate of tempura prawns and vegetables.  The Tasmanian prawns, while small, are firm and flavoursome.  The vegetables are an assortment of pumpkin, capsicum, beans, along with some tempura fish cake.

Tempura - Shimbashi Soba So Good

The soba is firm and a bit more chewy then the packet soba that you may be used to.  Certainly more filling!

Soba - Shimbashi Soba So Good

Other dishes we have enjoyed include the soft shell crab, beef salad, and hot soba with duck fillet.

Now you can get cheaper soba elsewhere (heck you can make it at home for a couple of bucks), however I always enjoy eating carefully handmade food that someone has prepared.

Next time you’re in the Gold Coast, give this place a try.  And if you need to use the rest rooms out the back, you’ll be treated by a hearty hello from all the kitchen staff – including Master Yoshi – you need to walk through the kitchen to get to the restroom.

Shimbashi Soba So Good
54 Thomas Drive
Chevron Island, Surfers Paradise
Shimbashi Soba So Good on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Shimbashi Soba So Good – Gold Coast

  1. Harumi says:

    Shimbashi Soba So Good in Gold Coast has closed and Master Yoshi has gone back to Japan. But his disciple, Soba Chef Taka opened his own Soba restaurant called Shimbashi Japanese Soba & Sake Bar on 17 Liverpool Street in Melbourne, VIC 3000 in July 2012 with Master Yoshi’s blessing. He serves handmade Soba, Sushi, Japanese Tapas and a wide variety of drinks including Japanese sake and beer.

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