Random pics – California

It’s random photo time again, this time for California.  We saw plenty of pretty sights, as well as boring and ugly, but we’ll focus on the good memory photos for this post I think!

As cliché as it is, no trip to LA is complete without a sighting of the Hollywood sign.  We drove around trying to find a good view of the sign during the day, which was harder than we thought.  Thankfully a polite security guard on a bike gave us advice on which street had good views.  So voila!

We arrived in LA at 7am on a clear Friday morning, and had a few hours to kill before we could crash in our hotel.  So we drove towards Santa Monica to check out the beach.  It was a beautiful day and we caught a good view of the Santa Monica Pier.  Afterwards we went to the Pier for a look see.  And frankly it was better from this picture then at the actual Pier 🙂

Driving too a little while to get used to in the States, and not because we are on the opposite side of the road (and car!) to what we are used to here in Australia.  The mega highways of LA too a while to get used to!  You would get off one highway and get directly onto another highway, before exiting the highway to get to another highway.  Phew!  Not to mention the 7 lane highways!  And yes, I did give driving a go!

While driving from LA to San Fransisco along the ocean highway, we saw some pretty sights.  This was probably the most beautiful one though – nothing better than a sun set on top of clouds.

While in San Fransisco we had a drive around to see the pretty Victorian houses.  Did you know that most of them came as pre fabricated kit homes directly from England back in the gold rush days?  These neat little houses are the painted ladies.

Look, a photo of a dog was bound to pop up again, so here you go.  We were having coffee at the Blue Bottle stand in Heyes Valley, when this little French bulldog turned up.  The coffee stand even has a bowl of dog biscuits for local dogs to enjoy.

While driving around Sonoma Valley, we came across little patches of grape vines.  The owners were quite happy to let us wander around having a peek – no actual grapes to be had, however we appreciated the autumn coloured leaves…

While driving towards San Fransisco, we stopped at a vantage point to have a look at the sea and came across a group of sea lions.  The two on the outside were laying incredibly still (so still that Mr Ana became worried that they were dead!) while  sunbaking.  The sea lion in the middle squished its way into the sea lion sandwich and they all lay there happily in the evening sun.

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