Fisherman’s Basket – Kingscliff

Mr Ana and I stopped for a quick lunch at Fisherman’s Basket, which is conveniently located across the road from Kingscliff beach.

It was already mid-afternoon by the time we sat down, thanks to an extremely filling buffet breakfast that morning at the Mantra on Salt.  We sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon breeze and the odd spot of rain.

I ordered some crumbed snapper and chips for $11.50.  Our orders came out quickly on square plates and I dug right in.  The snapper was lightly crumbed and not oily.  The fish fillet was cooked well, not over cooked, and the fish itself was very fresh and flavoursome (umm, delicious and snapper-ish?).  No crappy old fishies here I tell you.  I of course, gobbled up the fresh chips which were crisp and just enough to fill you up.

Mr Ana ordered grilled dory and chips for $10.  The dory was cooked just right – what you would expect from a fish and chip joint, but you’ll be surprised how many places stuff fish up.  The dory was soft and sweet and the lemon juice added just the right amount of zing to the seasoned fish.  Yum!  Mr Ana couldn’t quite finish his chips so happily helped him out.

The only negative thing I will say about Fisherman’s basket is that the cutlery provided needs a good wash.  I’m sure it is clean, however it clearly hasn’t been used in some time and the damp salty air has made it err, unappatising to use.  So we opted for plastic cutlery.

All in all a decent fish and chip experience, which is sometimes hard to find when you randomly drop into places like this.

Fisherman’s Basket
60 Marine Parade

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