Thai Flavour – Brisbane

I’m surprised that I haven’t written anything about Thai Flavour – especially since it’s been one of our regular restaurants for take away since we moved into the area.  A friend of mine recommended that we try Thai Flavour, and he knows how much I obsess over food so I trusted his opinion.

We’ve tried plenty of dishes over the years, but I’ll stick to the regular ones that we always order.

When we order take away, we tend to throw in a mixed order of spring rolls and curry puffs.  Standard asian fare, yes, but enjoyable all the same.  The spring rolls are generally vegetarian, and taste fresh and crisp.  The curry puffs are mild and have a mixture of beef mince and fluffy potato in it.

I don’t have a pic of this, however Mr Ana and I always thoroughly enjoy a beef salad at Thai Flavour.  Thai salads are great – cool and refreshing with herbs and fresh vegetables, and topped with cooked meat and a killer dressing with lime and fish sauce.  We ease up on the chilli though, because the owners looooove their chilli!  I’ve also asked them to make us up a pork mince larb before – delicious!!

We’ve tried a number of stir fry dishes, however we always come back to the chilli and basil stir fry with pork fillet.  The pork is cut thinly and is just cooked through, and the smokey flavour from the wok is the star in this dish.  A variety of vegetables are thrown in, along with a healthy dose of basil and chilli, and stir fried with a sauce that is very very tasty. Hmmmm… A few of our other favourites include pad king (with ginger) and pad cashew nuts (probably because I love roasted nuts).

Our favourite curries are the red curry and massaman curry.  However since we often cook red curry at home, we generally order massaman curry with beef.  Always with beef.  Why?  Because they simmer the curry away for hours so the beef flakes away when you press it with your spoon.  They also use lean beef which requires longer cooking time, but well worth it.  The curry is very rich and creamy, and the potatoes and sweet potatoes are cooked just right.

Mr Ana is a great fan of pad thai, and it is a dish that we haven’t perfected at home yet (those damn noodles are hard to get right!).  We often order this from Thai Flavour as it isn’t as sweet as a lot of the versions available in Brisbane.  I love the tofu in the dish (more then the chicken actually), and love to squeeze a lot of lemon over the noodles for that extra zing.

And finally, one guilty pleasure that I like to order is a serve of coconut rice.  I love the slightly sweet and salty flavour of the coconut milk through the rice, and it goes so well with a curry.

So if you’re ever on this side of town, try Thai Flavour.  The service is casual and friendly, and believe me, the taste is delicious.  There is another very well known Thai restaurant in Camp Hill, and I prefer Thai Flavour hands down.  While the flavour may not be as subtle, the home cooked flavour is what I enjoy the most.  Oh, and the owners grow their own herbs (and some of the veges) in their back yard.  Pretty cool huh?

Thai Flavour Restaurant
Shop 3, 973 Logan Road
Holland Park 4122
Thai Flavour Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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