Guzman y Gomez – Brisbane

I’ve craved Mexican food since returning from California.  Yes, yes, I know I didn’t go to Mexico, but considering how close California is to the border, the Mexican influence is immense.  Especially their food.

Where to get it in Brisbane?  Well, there are some restaurants here and there, but it’s slim pickings…

When we heard that Guzman Y Gomez was about to open a store in the Carindale Shopping centre, we decided to visit when it opened.  It’s been open for like, 3 days, and we’ve already visited!  Told you I craved Mexican food.

Yes, it is essentially a fast food joint.  Yes, it is cheap.  Yes, it is a chain.  But compared to some of the more well established Mexican style restaurants around here, we really had nothing to lose.

Guzman y Gomez was cheerfully decorated with pops of yellow – timber look tables with bright yellow chairs.  I liked their mini cactus wall, which was smack bang in the middle of the shop.  Luckily we arrived a little before the dinner rush so we grabbed a table – 30 minutes later the place was full.

Now, what to order…  Mr Ana has been amored with burritos since eating them in LA and San Diego, he loves the black beans and rice stuffed in these things.  So he ordered a steak chipotle burrito bowl ($10.50 plus $2 for guacamole).  Mr Ana’s meal arrived quickly and it was a bowl of rice topped with slightly spicy beef, cheese, spanish onion and tomato, and guacamole (which they forgot, but bought it out very quickly when we mentioned it).  Mr Ana loved it.  I had to ask for a bite – the beef was more mild than I expected, the tomato was cool and very fresh, and the rice was yummy.  Very filling.

I ordered a chicken guerrero burrito ($10.50 plus $2 for guacomole).  The chicken had a smokey flavour to it which I really enjoyed.  The black beans was a nice addition, and the rice was very filling.  I do wish that they included a bit more guacomole – I love that stuff.  The burrito was put together neatly and I could have walked around the shops eating it – no messy food here!

We also ordered some nachos topped with beef guerrero ($10.50).  I loved the nachos – the corn chips were the proper ones that I enjoyed in LA (no dorito style ones here!), with melted cheese, a generous serve of black beans, tomato and spanish onion.  The beef was tender and flaky so I could shred it and top a little on each corn chip.  AND a very generous serve of guacamole.

Guzman also sells frozen magaritas ($8.50) – Mr Ana had a few of those, and I enjoyed a lemon and lime Jarrito soft drink ($4). Yum.

Keep in mind that this is a fast food place – the food components are pre-prepared and put together efficiently by the kitchen.  However despite this, you still receive smokey flavoured chicken, flaky stewed beef, and fresh salad.

I’m not a big fan of fast food places unless I’m in a hurry – however despite this I will return to Guzman, just for a little reminder of the food I miss.  And seeing as their meals are very reasonably priced, why not??

Edit – we’ve since returned and tried their pork burrito.  While the pork has been stewed well until the meat is tender and flaky, the flavour was too light for my liking.  I much prefer the chicken guerrero burrito.

Guzman y Gomez
Westfield Carindale
1151 Creek Road
Carindale 4152
Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria Westfield Carindale on Urbanspoon

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  1. Thanks for the great post, your photos are awesome!

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