The Little Larder – Brisbane

Mr Ana and I both had a day off from work (yay!) so we decided to indulge and go out for breakfast.  Where to go…  Hmmm…  Since we were near the city, we decided to try The Little Larder in New Farm.

The Little Larder has a good reputation for yummy breakfasts so I wanted to check it out myself.  Was it as good as everyone says?

We were lucky and found a park around the corner from TLL, and strolled to the cafe to find it packed.  We nabbed the last table outside and ordered a couple of lattes.  Our lattes took quite a while to come out to our table, but it was very busy.  Over 15 minutes had passed and we finally got our caffeine fix.  The froth tasted a teeny bit bitter, but it gave way to a very smooth tasting latte – perfect drinking temperature, velvety, and mild.  There was no need for any sugar to take the edge off.  The coffee was a tad too mild for my usual taste, but I really enjoyed it.

While waiting for our coffees, we perused the menu.  There were quite a few yummy sounding choices, and after a bit of a debate, I decided to try the pesto scrambled eggs with grilled ham and spinach ($14).  Again, our meals took quite a while to come out, but when we did it was worth the wait!  I could smell the pesto straight away.  The scrambled eggs were just cooked and incredibly moist.  There was a very generous amount of pesto laced through the eggs (contributing to the moistness I’m sure!), but it wasn’t so strong tasting to take away from the rest of the dish.  The sourdough was very crunchy, and the ham was slightly salty.  I do wish the spinach was slightly more wilted, but that is just my personal preference.  I really enjoyed my breakfast.

Mr Ana ordered the crispy polenta, which came with poached eggs, avocado, spinach and dill mayonnaise ($14).  The mayonnaise was house made and very tasty – the dill wasn’t too strong and it was nice and creamy – which made the dish a success in my mind.  The eggs were still a little runny but not so much that it oozed everywhere.  The avocado was a nice addition and was just ripe.  I wish I got to taste more of the dish but it was, after all, Mr Ana’s breakfast!

Mr Ana and I both really enjoyed our breakfast – it was very filling and cooked to our liking.  The food was well worth the wait.  However I don’t think I would visit on the weekend – TLL will remain a weekday visit for me 🙂

We will definitely return.

The Little Larder
76 Moray Street
New Farm 4005
Little Larder on Urbanspoon

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