French Twist – Paddington, Brisbane

As I have a bit of time on my hands at the moment, I met a friend for coffee.  I hadn’t seen Ms M for some time, so she suggested a pretty cafe in The Barracks in Paddington.  I confess that I haven’t been there as it’s a tad trendy for me, however having coffee at a pretty cafe appealed to me.

The French Twist.  Hmmm.  Well, I’ve seen them in quite a few shopping centres and confess it is not where I would go to get a croissant.  But I do trust Ms M’s judgement on prettiness, so was happy to check it out (besides, I was there to catch up with Ms M, not eat an overpriced croissant).

The entrance of the cafe is indeed very pretty and I snuck in a photo:

Upon entering I saw little groupings of big armchairs and coffee tables piled with newspapers and magazines.  Further inside the cafe was a long table and several small tables for diners.  I sat quietly to check it all out.  While there is a ‘no photo’ policy, I took a few discreet photos anyway 🙂  I figured that if I had to go to the counter to order my coffee and food, well it couldn’t be that pretentious not to let me take a few pics!  I didn’t take photos of the delicious cakes and pastries though…

I wasn’t sure what to order, so I stuck to simple things – a croissant ($3.50), orange and almond cake ($4.90), and a latte ($3.60).  The croissant came out warm and crisp which was nice.  It was quite flakey and buttery as you would expect from a decent croissant.  Overall I quite enjoyed it, but not as much as the 90 cent croissant I ate every morning in Paris.  Why are croissants so expensive in Australia?  I still don’t get it.

I moved onto my little orange and almond cake.  It had a lovely citrus smell and flavour to it, but I couldn’t find any rind in it (I love a smattering of rind in citrus cakes).  The cake was quite light and the cream cheese icing was a good touch.  I do wish it was a little bigger – I’m a piglet I know!

Now the latte.  It was quite hot but not burnt.  Good.  The flavour was very mild, perhaps a little too mild for my taste.  However overall it was an easy latte to sip.

I spied Ms M’s brunch that arrived -herbed halloumi tartine with grilled cherry tomatoes, avocado and basil pesto on toasted bread ($12.90).  It wasn’t a complicated dish that required cooking, and is something easy to replicate at home – but boy it looked yummy.  I sampled the tomatoes which were lovely and tart, which would have gone very well with the creamy avocado and halloumi.  I think I’ll give this one a try the next time I go there:)

Overall the French Twist is a good environment to catch up with friends and enjoy a sweet treat (or two).  While I have had better pastries and cakes elsewhere, I must admit that the environment of the cafe is well set up and reminds me a little bit of Paris…

French Twit
61 Petrie Terrace
French Twist on Urbanspoon

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