Piefection – Brisbane

I am still in the process of culinary discovery on my side of town – there is a LOT to try around here!

For something a little different, I recently tried some food from a small little pie shop set amongst a bunch of local shops – Piefection.  Now, I don’t eat many pies, but do enjoy a good one – there is a local place near my parents that I’ve enjoyed for many years, as well as a good ‘ol pie from Rock n Roll in Greenslopes.  I did wonder how Piefection would measure up…

On my way back from visiting a friend, I was starving for a bit to eat, so took the opportunity to pick up a pie.

When I entered the little shop, I made a beeline straight to the pie cabinet.  I had to jostle a few people out of the way to have a peek – clearly this was a favourite lunch spot for local workers.

The standard pies available all sounded delicious – Guinness beef and mushroom pie, Jack Daniels BBQ pork rib pie, lamb shank and rosemary pie…  The list goes on!  And for around $5, it’s a pretty decent priced lunch!  The day that I visited Piefection had a few interesting additions – the Mexican pulled beef, chorizo and chilli con carne pie, and the Char Sui pork rib pie.  What to do???

I ended up chosing the Mexican pulled beef pie – I love a good chilli con carne on anything 🙂  I also took the plunge and ordered a floater combo ($10.95), which consisted of the pie top being opened and loaded with mashed peas, and then topped with mashed potato and gravy.  The combo also came with a serve of chips and a drink.

I was surprised how much mashed potato was loaded on top of the pie and had to take off half of it.  The mash was creamy and cheesy, but too heavy for my liking.  The mash peas were pleasant enough, but distracted me from the flavour of the pie.  I don’t think i’d order a floater next time, as I love a crispy pastry and the floater took away from that.  However the pie was tasty – the beef was flakey and generous, and the hint of chilli con carne gave it a familiar taste that I enjoyed.  I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t taste any chorizo.

I had to wait a while for the chips to be cooked but BOY was it worth it!  The chips were super fresh and crisp on the outside, and chewy on the inside.  The chips were seasoned with some spice prior to cooking which gave it a delicious morish taste.  Yummo.

Piefection have sausage rolls as well – including a wagyu beef sausage roll that I’m itching to try.  Next time.

Mr Ana asked whether it was worth returning to Piefection.  I thought about it.  Yes, I do think it’s worth returning to if you get a craving for a pie.  Even just for the chips – because they are worth returning to all on their own 🙂

Edit – Mr Ana and I have since returned and tried the Guiness Beef and mushroom pie, and the triple prime beef pie.  Both were very delicious and rice in flavour – no need for additional sauces for these two babies!  We will return!

1373 Logan Road
Mount Gravatt
Piefection Gourmet Pies on Urbanspoon

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