Meet Fresh – Brisbane

Mr Ana and I were wandering around Sunnybank trying to find something to eat.  We don’t frequent the Sunnybank area, as my blood pressure tends to rise at the thought of trying to park our car in the madness that is Sunnybank.  Sunnybank frequenters – you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Madness.  Freaking madness.

Anyhoo, we strolled past a new shop that was on the verge of opening – Meet Fresh.  Meet Fresh is a dessert shop that originated in Taiwan, and has a branch in Sydney.  Now, Taiwan is known for their desserts – the myrid of bubble tea flavours, ice creams, tofu desserts, peanut mochi, and all sorts of yummy goodness that you can find.  Well, I can find 🙂  mmmm, milk sticks come to mind…

The shop wasn’t quite open, so I decided to return with my mum, who adores tofu desserts.  So we came back shortly after to check out what Meet Fresh has to offer.

We were lucky when we arrived, it was just before the lunch rush – shortly after we sat down a line was making its way to the door – good advertising if  you ask me!

Now, Taiwanese people are known for convenience.  Want a drink?  Here, have it in a special little bag to hang off your scooter handle.  Some street snacks for later?  I’ll chuck in a couple of bamboo skewers so you don’t get your fingers dirty – in a little plastic bag so you can hang on to it conveniently of course 🙂  It’s no different with desserts – many are assembled fresh and popped into specially made containers and bags to enjoy later.

Meet Fresh is set up similarly to dessert places in Taiwan – the desserts are made in front of you behind a glass counter, with all the ingredients set up neatly in their own little homes.  Special little take away containers are ready if you wanted the dessert to go.  We sat in front of the counter so we could watch the desserts being prepared and noted that the dessert assemblers were careful with their creations, right down to counting the number of taro balls that went into each dessert.

Mum ordered a lotus seed tofu dessert (around $5) and giddly awaited while it was made in front of her.  I couldn’t make a decision so I ended up ordering an oolong milk tea ($3.80).  When you order you get a little buzzer which buzzes when your dessert is ready to pick up. The buzzer went off and mum bounced up to collect our treats.

Mum’s tofu dessert came overloaded with sugar syrup and ice…  but not overloaded with tofu (check out the picture on their website – it looked totally different in real life).  Tofu desserts are primarily layers upon layers of silken tofu, drizzled with sugar syrup and whatever topping you choose.  This dessert was the other way around – a few slivers of tofu drowning in sugar syrup.  While the tofu was soft and light, it was quite disappointing how stingy the dessert was.  There were a few lotus seeds floating about, but nothing to get excited over.

My oolong milk tea came out in a cute jar mug which frankly, I wanted to take home.  The tea was light in flavour and well mixed and cold.  Very enjoyable.  I thought it would come out in a slightly larger vessel, however the size was reasonable considering the price.  I did enjoy it – freshingly cold, frothy and with a true oolong taste.

Meet Fresh is a bit of a novelty to try, however it’s probably more suited to young people who want to hang out over a dessert and have a gossip.  I can think of two places in Brisbane that serve better tofu desserts for around the same price, and well, milk tea is widely available.

I probably would return to try some of their other desserts, such as their herbal jelly (which I’m assuming is grass jelly), and also to try their limited edition ayu jelly.  They also have taro ball desserts, shaved ice, winter melon tea.  But overall, a slightly limited topping menu considering the shop specialises in desserts.

Meet Fresh
Sunnybank Plaza
123/358 Mains Road
Meet Fresh on Urbanspoon

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