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I love traditional Japanese breakfasts.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that, some rice, miso soup = happy tummy.  Mmm, mmm, mmm!  Of course I’ve had quite a few tasty traditional breakfasts in Japan, but one of the best I’ve had was in New Zealand – who would have thought?

So traditional breakfasts can be found in all sorts of places if you hunt around, and Mizu Restaurant is one such place.  Set in a residential area of Teneriffe, Brisbane, this unassuming little Japanese restaurant quietly serves up all sorts of Japanese style breakfast fare on weekends.  And best of all, it is actually owned, operated, and served by Japanese people (which, is getting rare these days!).

Mr Ana and I finally made it after fantasing for months (we had other things going on 🙂 ) and ventured in to see what was on offer.  The restaurant was streaming with natural sunlight and each table was set up neatly. There were sake bottle lining the serving area, as well pictures of fish adorning the walls.  Nice and simple.

We started by ordering two macha lattes ($3.50) which were made quickly.  The latte was the perfect temperature to sip and had a good strong flavour of green tea.  It was slightly sweet and did not need any additional sugar.  The waitress asked if we enjoyed our lattes to which we said yes!

I ordered the Mizu breakfast bento box ($16).  This is the equivalent of your big breakfast.  My breakfast arrived in a two tier bento which the waitress placed in front of me.  One layer contained a bowl of rice, a bowl of miso soup, and a small dish of Japanese potato salad.  The other layer contained some grilled salmon, chicken karaage, a tempura fish cake, a dish of Japanese pickles and tamago (egg), and another dish of sauteed burdock (a root vegetable).

The salmon was very fresh and cooked just right – it retained the plumpness of the fish and was lightly seasoned.  I loved it (so did Mr Ana, I had to bat him away from my food!). The chicken karaage was very juicy and was marinated prior to cooking.  Yum!  The tempura fish cake was a novelty – while I enjoyed it, there was nothing particularly outstanding about it.  I loved the sauteed burdock, it was juicy and slightly salty which went very well with the rice.  The pickles were crunchy and reminded me of the tsukemono I would eat in Japan.  The egg was slightly sweet and moist.  My mouth is watering just writing about this.

While the rice and miso soup weren’t the stars of the bento box, I have to mention them too.  The rice was perfectly cooked with each grain bouncy and chewy (they clearly washed their rice well!).  The miso soup had a healthy serve of sea kelp in it which I welcomed.  And the potato salad was extra tasty – but I love potato salad!

Mr Ana ordered some yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls – $5.90).  The rice was seasoned with soy sauce before being shaped and cooked.  While the flavour itself was nice, it wasn’t very crisp on the outside which was a shame.

Mr Ana also ordered a loco moco, which consisted of a grilled mince pattie, fried egg, salad and rice, all topped with sukiyaki sauce ($14).  Now for you who haven’t had the opportunity to try a Japanese mince pattie – go and try this.  Japanese mince patties are unlike the usual hamburger type things we have here.  These patties have extra seasoning in it, and is very, very moist (it is partially steamed).  This pattie was no exception and went very well with the rice.  The egg was just cooked and the yolk oozed onto the rice when Mr Ana cut it (free range egg too!).  I like the mayonnaise smile that came with the pattie, but that’s just me 🙂

I’m excited about this place.  I haven’t tried dinner there (I should), nor the cooking classes that are offered there.  But the breakfast alone is worth the trip if you appreciate Japanese flavours or wish to try something different from what’s on offer for breakfast in Brisbane.

Mizu is very smart to offer the traditional Japanese breakfast menu, and I sincerely hope they continue this for a long time.  Because I will become a regular fixture on Saturday mornings!

Breakfast is served 8-11am on Saturday and Sunday.

Mizu Restaurant
2 Macquarie Street
Teneriffe, Brisbane
Ph: 07 3254 0488
Mizu on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Mizu – Brisbane

  1. Riini says:

    I’m a long time Mizu fan and I can go as far to say I like Mizu better than Sono. Their dinner is awesome also. 🙂

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