Fish Mongers – Byron Bay

On our recent trip to Byron Bay, we stopped by my favourite place for fish and chips – Fish Mongers.

I’ve actually been going to Fish Mongers for years, but this is the first time I’ve sat down to write about it.  Fish Mongers has been there for ages, as has their other branches in Bondi and Manly Beach.  The branch in Byron Bay is a little cool place that plays music you would expect in a bar late at night.  Simple furnishings and the place opens out to the sun so you can enjoy the sea breeze.

So what’s the big deal?  Well, other than getting super fresh fish and yummy hand cut chips, it’s the changing menu that I enjoy.   I usually get snapper of some sort, however this time I ordered their salt and pepper king prawns with hand cut chips ($15).

I love prawns, especially when they are super fresh (well duh)!  These giant babies were no exception – bouncy flesh with a lovely chew, which made them very enjoyable.  The light salt and pepper batter was just right – not too heavy.  I enjoyed the cracked pepper rather than the light poxy and light mill pepper one often receives with salt and pepper anything.  And of course the chips were yummy and fat – I couldn’t finish the generous serve.  As always, I enjoyed my crispy sweet potato shavings that garnished my meal.

Mr Ana ordered the Moroccan spice crusted barramundi with rice and soy ($19).  I don’t like barra that much, as it can have an almost muddy taste to it.  However this didn’t leave a muddy taste in my mouth.  The fish was cooked just right and was still very moist, and the spice made the fish soooo yummy.  The rice was also delicious – I am fussy with rice (I know that sounds a bit weird), however this rice was cooked properly and was infused with some light stock.  Mr Ana added a squeeze of lemon which gave it an extra little kick.  I didn’t think the soy sauce that came with the fish was necessary.

We both really enjoyed our meals at Fish Mongers, and I’m yet to have a less than tasty meal here.  The prices are a little more than your usual fish and chip place, but well worth it if you ask me!

And since we were in Byron, while walking off our lunch we weren’t surprised to come across little Pedro, who was hanging out near the beach:

Fish Mongers
Bay Lane, Byron Bay
Ph: 02 6680 8080

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