Bali Bliss

Mr Ana and I have just returned from a short trip to Bali.  Although it was short, it was enough for us to relax and come back home feeling incredibly refreshed.  There is so much to experience in Bali, however we focussed on two particular areas in Bali – Seminyak and Ubud.

KaJaNe Mua – Ubud
KaJaNe is a wonderful boutique villa complex located on Monkey Forest Road.  With a variety of accomodation styles available, we stayed in the Danu Mansion and also the Beji private villa.

Bargain Bargain Bargain!!! – Ubud Markets
I was really excited to visit the local market, at a time when the locals did their shopping (as opposed to after 9am, when the Arts market opens).  With so much colour and activity, it was easy to become excited at all the things we saw.

Cooking Class – Ubud
There are plenty of cooking classes to chose from so it was difficult to know which one to go for, however we really wanted a hands on cooking class. We decided to go with the cooking class offered through KaJaNe Mua.

Mozaic Restaurant – Ubud
Mozaic has received several accolades, including being the only restaurant in South East Asia to be selected as one of Les Grandes Tables du Monde.  They serve degustation menus only.  Seeing as food is a BIG part of our lives, I really wanted to see if the restaurant lived up to its reputation.

Ubud – a few of my favourite shops
I wasn’t quite expecting it, but Ubud is a shopping mecca.  Not only is it a shopping mecca, but it’s a shopping mecca with style.

Poo coffee anyone?
On our way to visit the rice paddy terraces in Tegalalang, we stopped by Bali Pulina to try the most expensive coffee in the world – Kopi Luwak.

Ubud – the back way
You don’t have to wander far off the main streets of Ubud for long before you see the ‘real’ Ubud…

We took a photo of a celebrity!!! Well, kind of…

Seminyak is quite spread out with a mixture of expensive boutiques and restaurants, cafes, touristy shops and markets, and of course the beach!

La Villais Executive and Spa – Seminyak

Breeze at The Samaya – Seminyak
I thought it would be enjoyable to share a beach front meal during our trip to Bali and the Breeze was booked.  We decided on lunch as I was a little concerned about mosquitos at night – mosquitos love Mr Ana however the love is not returned!

Biku Tea House – Seminyak
After hearing such good reviews about Biku Tea House, we decided to have dinner here during our trip to Bali.

Prana Spa – Seminyak
There are a LOT of spas and massage places in Bali to suit your budget and preference, whether it be super luxe or dirt cheap. However I wanted to try a luxurious treatment (that err, I can’t afford at home!).


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