Madtongsan II – Brisbane
I’m a fan of Korean food – barbecued meat on the table, a gazillion side dishes, deliciously marinated dishes, and chewy sweet potato noodles…  Mr Ana and I frequented a little Korean restaurant in the Fortitude Valley for years, but sadly that has been closed for years.

Shimbashi Soba So Good – Gold Coast
I’m not sure how long I’ve been going to Shimbashi Soba So Good.  2 years?  3 years?  Not sure.  Shimbashi has been a regular place for Mr Ana and I to visit when we are in the Gold Coast, so regular that I can’t remember when we first started going!

Bistro Lamp – Gold Coast
Recently I was able to duck down to the Gold Coast for a quick get away with Mr Ana (yay!), amongst the sleeping in, lounging around, and hot buffet breakfasts, we managed to try a restaurant that Mr Ana has been meaning to try for a while.

Grill’d – Brisbane
Now I love a decent burger. It brings me back to my childhood when every now and my brother an I were treated to a burger with the works from our local milk bar (in Melbourne) or our local fish and chip shop (in Brisbane).

Little Saigon Grill – Brisbane
I’ve been a regular at the Little Saigon Grill since they first opened a couple of years ago (I actually can’t believe how much time has passed, but such is life I suppose!).  I was admittedly a sceptic, as I’ve frequented quite a few Vietnamese eateries in Darra and Inala.

Fresh Sushi Co.
Mr Ana and I have strolled past Fresh Sushi Co a number of times, but never at the right time for lunch – it was always just after having breakfast or very late in the afternoon.

Wasabi – Noosa
The reason why I wanted to try Wasabi in Noosa was because the chef trained as a sushi chef in Ginza. Not many chefs traditionally trained in Australia, so of course I wanted to try it!

Taro’s Ramen Cafe
I love ramen. Suki. Daisuki desu. There’s no other way of putting it. I love shoyu ramen (soy sauce based), shio ramen (salt based), and can do with a tonkatsu ramen (pork bone based) when I’m in the mood for something thick and heavy.

Campos Cafe
So what’s the big deal about Campos coffee??

We’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for a while.  Mr Akio Hosokawa, part owner and sushi chef, used to work in Sono (Portside) and branched out to open his own restaurant.  Every time we were going to go there, something came up and we never had the chance to try it.

Les Amis
Les Amis is a small little bistro in the Valley, tucked away in Green Square.  One of Mr Ana’s friends took him there for lunch one day, and Mr Ana insisted that I try it for dinner.

Montrachet has been open in Brisbane for quite a few years, but our budget didn’t allow us to indulge in such food until more recently. And even now this was a treat for a special occasion…

Iro Sushi & Sake Bar
Mr Ana stumbled across Iro Sushi and Sake Bar, a new Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.  He has a few on his to try list, in the hope of finding a local Japanese restaurant that differs to the handful of expensive sushi restaurants, or mediocre imitations of Japanese cuisine in Brisbane (like one that I tried in Mount Gravatt that everyone seems to like – thanks, but chirashi sushi is not served with fresh lettuce.  Ever).

Le Bon Choix
Le Bon Choix is a cafe/bakery tucked in the business district of Brisbane CBD.  I walk past here all the time, but have never stopped in to try some of their pastries.  I finally dropped in to try a few pastries and see if they live up to the French standard that I enjoyed in France.

I’ve heard quite a bit about pourboy, and seeing as I was passing it this morning, I decided to go and try their coffee.


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