Chez Panisse – San Fransisco
Our Californian juggernaut wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to San Fransisco (duh), and our trip to San Fransisco wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Chez Panisse (duh).

Random Pics – California
It’s random photo time again, this time for California.  We saw plenty of pretty sights, as well as boring and ugly, but we’ll focus on the good memory photos for this post I think!

Miette – San Fransisco
While we were in San Fransisco, we visited Miette – a well known pastry shop in San Fransisco.  My brother swears by their Ginger snaps so I wanted to check it out.

Cyrus – Sonoma Valley
I really wanted to try fine dining in Sonoma Valley or Napa Valley area – the area is very well known for its food. The obvious choice was to go to French Laundry in Napa Valley, however if I am perfectly honest, my travel budget didn’t quite stretch that far…

Ferry Building Markets – San Fransisco
While in San Fransisco, we wanted to visit the actual bay – you know, the thing that makes San Fransisco what it is.  We bypassed the Fishermans’ Wharf, and instead headed to the Ferry Building.

Nopalito – San Fransisco
While in San Fransisco, we visited Nopalito – a newish casual Mexican resto based in the revitalised neighbourhood of the Northern Panhandle area. This used to be a danky area, but no more.

Michiacana Natural Ice Cream – Sonoma
I read that this was a great place to visit for traditional Mexian ice cream made from natural ingredients. Since we were kind of in the area, I insisted that we stop here for a taste.

In n Out – California
My cousin said that while we were in California, we had to try In n Out burgers. Waaa? I don’t really travel to eat burgers, but hey I’ll give it a shot.  In n Out has a pretty basic menu of burgers and fries, but I suppose if that’s what you go there for right?

Vietnamese Food – California style!
Now I’m a big fan of Vietnamese food (and Taiwanese food, Indian food, Thai food etc etc). As my cousin is also a big fan, while we were visiting the area he had plenty of suggestions on where to visit for some yummy every day Vietnamese food. Ana’s stomach rumbles ‘Hmmmmmmmmmmm’.

Blue Water Seafood and Grill – San Diego
We flew into San Diego to attend a wedding in Laguna Hills, and when we landed we were starving (of course!).  We were recommended to try Blue Water as they had awesome fish tacos – all the locals love this place. Fish tacos??! Fish tacos?? What on earth is a fish taco?


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