Beautiful Siena – Tuscany

We arrived in Siena late at night, driving into the town after finishing dinner at La Bottega.  The first thing you need to know about Siena is that the centre of the town is only accessible by foot.

La Bottega – Chianti
The restaurant is  nestled in the hills of Chianti, however we couldn’t see any views as it was dark.  The stone buildings in the area were charming however.

A few days in Florence…
Florence is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and was the most important city in Europe in the 14th century.  Rich in history and political activity, Florence’s organisation, finances, and trade moved Europe out of the Dark Ages.

Trattoria Garga – Florence
The first thing I noticed when we entered the trattoria was a HUGE wooden box filled with vibrant red strawberries sitting in the dessert counter.  Mr Ana became very excited when he saw the fresh strawberries.

Oh Venice, my heart…
Venice is famous for being a city set amongst lagoons and canals.  The city dates back to the 400′s (yes, the hundreds) and is a serious of hundreds of islands.

Italy – some random photos
As always, there where a few small things that I took notice of that made our trip what it was…


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